While working on the first initiative at Kerwa Dam,
it was evident to the MANM team that a very comprehensive
intervention must be introduced to address the threats
posed by water-bodies. Hence, a comprehensive strategy
was worked-out, based on our experiences and exchange
of ideas.

This three-fold strategy consists of:

Practical Intervention

Commonsensical interventions
at the sites causing accidents.

While working for the long-term,
fool-proof measures,
the common-sense based
action can also considerably
control the risks,
using limited resources.

Awareness & Sensitization
of all the stakeholders
and the masses at large

This will help individuals,
recognise the enormity of
dangers invariably posed by
all kinds of water-bodies.

This will also ensure pro-active
and preventive measures
at personal level of safety.

Law, Policy & Advocacy

This approach will ensure that
the issue of prevention of
accidents in water-bodies is
addressed at the root-cause
level and specific attention is
accorded to the same.